Welcome to Timmy Lind. I have gambling as my hobby and i play almost everyday. I will write about my favourite online Casino games and you can follow my big wins as well. I have been playing for almost 15 years online. It all started out with the big poker boom that came in the beginning of the 2000 century. Poker was my passion for about 6 years until i found my new passion for pure online gambling. I am a dedicated Blackjack player and i just love the feeling of getting a Blackjack when i am betting big! http://thomaslarsson.net/



I have a history in Soccer since  i was around 5 years old. I have always been a guy that loves to win and really hate to lose. That is why gambling is perfect for me. Poker was my start in the online gambling world. I played poker for around 10 year and had poker has my only income. I played mostly middle stake tournaments with different buy ins from around 20-200. I played around 10-20 tournaments per day. Having Poker as your only income can be pretty hard physically because if you have a down swing one month you will need to keep your head on top and keep on grinding. If you start play poker and only hope to win on your luck you will lose big time. That is why you need to follow your poker strategy all the time, even when you have a down swing. To be able to prevent this i went to a psychologist once per week to train my brain so i would not have a hard time when i would hit a down swing. Trust me everyone in poker will hit a down swing sometime. You can play your best game of poker, going all in with 2 aces and still lose vs a cheeky little 10-9 suited. Sometimes the game will be against you no matter what. When this happens you need to be calm and just keep up your good game because it will turn around again!

How did i get into Blackjack?

I got into Blackjack around 7 years ago when i was on a job trip to the sin city Las Vegas. I had some spare time over after a few meetings and decided to hit one of the Casinos to try my luck. I went in with 100 dollars and walked a way  with 2500. I had a incredible run that night on Blackjack. But not to only mention my great run there was something more with the game, sitting and interacting with other players, having a couple of drinks and just enjoying time. There is kind of a team spirit when everyone is trying to win against the dealer and its just a great atmosphere. 


Responsible gambling

Sure gambling is one of the most funniest things out there. However it can get out of hand pretty quickly with some bad luck and urge to win back your loss. This is actually something that allot of gamblers will feel happens when losing a decent amount of money, we stop playing our strategy and start betting bigger to try to win the loss back quicker. This is a way that 95 % of the time you will end up losing much more then your original loss was and you might end up in dept. That is why online gambling has so many different settings that you can apply to your player account. You can set bet limits, loss limits and deposit limits. If you feel that you need a break from gambling you can also set a self exclusion of a month or even years. This is totally up to you and the limits are there to protect you from getting gambling problem.