Probably my favourite game of them all  is Blackjack. The game where you are suppose to beat the dealer or get as close to 21 as possible. The best hand you can have is getting an ace followed by a 10, jack, queen or king. This means that you have blackjack and it usually pays 2:3. Betting  €100 and getting a blackjack you will have a total payout of €250 back into your account, the easiest way to say is that you get paid one and a half. 



There is a few different Blackjack strategies that you can use. We prefer the one below.


The strategy sheet here shows you the best percentage to win every hand you play. You can see your own hand and what your action should be against the dealers hand. This is the sheet we are using whenever we are playing Blackjack and the best thing is that you can print the small sheet out and bring it to the Casino if you need some extra help!

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