When it comes down to the game that you can play both with your friends when you are having pre drinks before going out, or sitting in the Casino grinding out that Cash game. This is one of the most funniest games you can play. As you have read on my start page i had poker as my income for a few years and it is fantastic if you prefer to work by your self. I did not have an office to go to when i was playing. I had my computer set up in my bedroom and that was where i did all my grinding. This might sound boring and i totally agree on that. When having poker as your only income you dont have allot of time to go out. It is mostly playing for 10-15 hours per day and later sleeping.

Different Games


When  i was playing back in the time i was full time playing Texas Holdem. This is one of the most popular formats that you can play. Texas holdem is a very straight up game, you will be given 2 cards in your hand and there will be 5 community cards that you can use. The first 3 community cards are called “flop”. After the “flop” comes the “turn” and the last community card is called “river” 

This game has alot of different points where you are able to bet money or check your hand. Pre flop you will have to add a small blind or a big blind depending on the position on your table. If you are next to the dealer you are the small blind. Lets say the blinds are 1-2 dollar. Then you as the small blind need to put in one dollar and the big blind needs to put in 2 dollars. If no one raises the blind all the way until its your turn you will have to add another 1 dollar to see the flop. You can also bet pre flop and by doing this you are raising the blind. You can later bet after the flop, on the turn and on the river.