This game can be a total nightmare or it can be your best friend. The game that can payout up to 36 times your bet amount if it lands on the correct number. I have been playing roulette for a long time and the game is all about hate and love. This is perhaps the most interesting games of them all. Alot of people have tried to come up with different strategies that will be profitable  in the long run and there is a few interesting ones. Lets start with the “MartinGale system“. This system is based on betting on either Black or Red. The pay out on Black and Red are 1:1 and that is where the system comes in place. Lets start with a bet of 1 dollar, lets say that we lose this bet. Then we will bet 2 dollars the next hand, if we lose that spin we will bet 4 dollars. You probably understand a bit of the strategy now.


Whenever we lose a bet we double it. This is one of the best roulette systems out there to find. This system requires around a 500 dollar bankroll with a starting bet of 1 dollar. This give you enough room to lose a few rounds and double your bet each time. But keep in mind that doubling your bet goes fast and this system is calculated on an unlimited bankroll with unlimited bet limits. So i would not trust this system a 100 % because you might end up losing any way. Once i was in the Casino and there was this one guy with a bankroll of around 8000 dollar. He was betting 1 dollar per time on red and he had such a bad run that he lost all of his bankroll even when starting with that low bet and this is just one example showing that this strategy needs a big bankroll and a bit of luck as well! The record on roulette of the highest times on colour have hit in a row is 34 times

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